Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How's my pregnancy treating me?

I have to say that I feel damn lucky, as far as the pregnancy "symptoms" or "side effects".

I know that I'm more emotional, but thus far (and I'm sure those around me are thanking their lucky stars) I think it's been pretty good. I can say I'm crying a lot easier than I normally would, and that being separated from Kelley for three weeks sucked, but thus far I'm not going schitzo or anything. I haven't flipped out pissed off on anyone, yet. I've come close, and caught myself a few times, but thus far no murdering people, or going off the handle. I'm finding myself crying over stupid things, and shows that normally wouldn't bug me. I mean, yeah, I'm a girl, I'm emotional, but some of this stuff irritates me knowing I'm bawling like a baby over it.

The dreaded nausea and vomiting - yes, morning sickness is here. I do have to say they really need to find a new name for it - morning sickness is not morning sickness. Morning sickness is more (at least for me) like all day, all night, every moment, all the time, non-stop sickness. The good news is I'm not projectile, across the room, hitting the walls vomiting. There are times I wish that I was throwing up, as I think it would make me feel better, but so far I'm keeping most things down. I can say that the all day stomach not liking food and making me feel miserable for eating can go, and I'll have no problem with it.

This baby is apparently a VERY picky eater. Foods that I've loved for years I'm finding myself getting sick to my stomach just thinking about eating. At the same time, foods that I haven't liked, EVER, are suddenly good. For example, Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookies, I've hated, the soft ones are okay, but the hard crunchy ones I have never cared for. NEVER! There was a point where that was all that would calm my stomach down if it was upset. I wish I could think of the other foods, because there have been some weird ones - and I'm not even in the "cravings" phase yet. OHHH - BACON! I can't stand the smell of bacon cooking - and I love me some bacon! I can eat all the bacon I want, but if I'm going to be cooking it I end up needing to cover my face with something it's so weird!

Now to the more icky - guys feel free to quit reading here, probably safer for you - things. Breasts, boobs, boobies, whatever you want to call them. Yup - they get bigger, and they get more sensitive. You would think that them getting cold would be cold - but noooo they get cold and it feels like they are burning and on fire, and it does not feel good. I had finally thought that my boobies were shrinking and now it's like saying "supersize me" - JEEZE. (Yeah, I bet Kelley is so complaining, here).

What else - dreams. This is one they didn't warn me about. Lets just say my dreams are very vivid, and of a whole new caliber than I'm used to. It's like my dreams going from black and white to technicolor, high def, with surround sound. Some of them are like horror flicks, or super romance novels, or a couple hours on the playboy channel. So womens - beware! Guys - if your wives get the XXX rated ones - feel lucky.

Tiring - yes. I've never been a huge napper, now I find it hard to make it through the day without one. I look around at the house and it's dirty and keep thinking that I should really clean it up, and just sort of get exhausted thinking about cleaning it. Poor Kelley is probably wondering when I went from 18 hour bedtime hours to 24 hour times in bed. He's also liable to end up starving if I can't start pulling myself together and figure out a way to not sleep through when I should be cooking his dinner. So, yeah, I get tired pretty damn easy. It's sort of annoying, and exhausting being exhausted all the time.

Well I guess that's it for now.