Friday, March 12, 2010

Sorry it's been so long...

Found this message from awhile ago that I guess I saved, not published:

I know it's been a very long time since I've posted an update. Things are still going great. I'm amazed each and every day. I thank God every morning that He is keeping Squish safe and sound. I thank God for being pregnant yet another day, I thank Him for allowing Squish to bake and grow just a little bit more.

Kaitlyn is kicking/punching/twisting up a storm in here. I sort of feel like a washing machine - you know, when you over load it and it sort of kicks and does the whole off balance thing? There are times she gets to going in there and I wonder if she's going to be beating up the doctors when she comes into the world. I wish that Kelley could feel her more, but I'm feeling her plenty. Kelley also doesn't have the patience to just sit there and wait for her to get aggressive.

There are a couple times of day that are special for me. The first starts between eight and ten am... it's sort of Squish's wake-up time. She'll start moving slowly, I'll grab my meds, something to drink and eat, and head back to bed. I'll lay and read a book or pray, thanking God for this little miracle, while I'm eating my breakfast. Squish just does her little tumbling act and I lay there like an idiot with an ear to ear grin in pure amazement. We do this again around three or four in the afternoon... it's just an incredible feeling.

My cervix isn't great, but it's better than the peri expected at this point. My last measurement was 3.1cm - they prefer it at 4 or higher, but I started off short, so he is happy with this measurement. Anything above 2.5 is "okay" - so lets hope it stays this way. I'm also doing a lot more than I was, but so far the cervix and cerclage are holding out with it.

I'm doing pretty good. Exhausted - no one warns you people making is tiring stuffs.

As far as craving go - they are kicking it. Food aversions also. I think there are a lot more aversions than cravings. It's more like things that have always tasted good, no longer do. Or I just can't make myself eat it, no matter how good it is, I know that one more bite and I'll be sick all over.