Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update: Might be feeling better

I'm kind of worried I'm jinxing myself but I'm daring to hope that I might be feeling better.

Had a really really rough night last night and this morning but about seven thirty actually was able to move without too much pain. I was able to sit up without wanting to roll over and die, and was even up to walking in the room a little bit.

Dr. Moreno - the surgeon watching over me - is hoping that if it was an obstruction it has shrunk down a little bit, or moved, or if it was a kink in things that it undid itself - I'm thinking maybe the hiccups I've been getting were my bodies way of straightening moving things back where they should be.

Tummy didn't like me moving around but just being able to get up and walk to me was a huge success. I'm being put on the surgery board for later on today - Dr. Moreno said he has office stuff all day so if I get bad he can push me up, if I get better he can take me off the list. He also said that if things seem really good later he might even let me try to eat something today.

Food - thats a thought. I haven't felt hungry or thirsty since Monday night - which if it was an obstruction the fact that I didn't eat could have saved my life from things rupturing. It's another reason I think I'm starting to feel better - I'm actually starting to think I might be hungry.

Kelley asked if he needed to smuggle in a chicken sandwich (my lastest mad craving) jokingly, and boy oh boy I am soo not that brave. It was nice of him to offer though - it's always good to know that your husband is willing to break the law and smuggle you in what you need (okay want).

Keep Kelley in your thoughts too - the poor guy has had a rough couple days worrying about his wife and baby, and did a great job of not showing it too me. I'm just glad it's me in here, not him because I don't think I could stand to see him dealing with this stuff....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hospital Stay's suck

Nope this isn't an everything is great post - I wish it was. Here's the (as brief as I do brief) cliff notes:

Had a great day Monday with Kelley, he had the day off. Ate regularly. Had dinner which was pork chops with potato's (very yummy btw), and about two hours later had a small slice of chocolate pie.

About 20 minutes later I started feeling like crap and barely made it to the bathroom in time for a power puking session. I thought it was just me dumping from the sugar in the pie, because of my stomach surgery. Dealt with it, felt more like crap, went to bed.

Woke up Tuesday feeling like a truck spent the night ramming into my stomach... thinking the pain was from the power puking session I did the normal (stupid I now realize) deal with it, wait for it to go away. The pain got worse, I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink, I couldn't walk straight, sit up, or do anything except lay on my right side. I went to bed figuring that I'd feel better in the morning, if not I'd call to get seen.

Kelley and I ended up in the ER at 3:30AM. I can say the ER trip was a complete waste, they took two things of blood, ended up cathetering me to get a urine sample, when those came back fine, despite more pain than I'd ever felt, I was told they couldn't/wouldn't help me, and to get seen by my OB when they opened.

We were released from the ER, and headed to SunLife (my OB) at 730AM - thankfully the people there are awesome and saw me right away. After a quick exam - no tests just Dr. Edwards feeling my tummy - Dr. Edwards decides to admit me.

Dr. Edwards thinks that I have an obstruction of some type blocking food and things from going through my organs.

I get to the hospital and get hooked up - thankfully with pain drugs - and one of the general surgeons comes up and we talk.

As of now I've had an ultrasound done of my abdomenon - which came back clear. He thinks it's an obstuction as well of some sort. At the same time while the risk of a CT Scan to the baby is minimal he doesn't want something to end up happening to the baby and us always wondering if it was the scan that did it. SO I'm being kept overnight if the pain doesn't get better sometime tomorrow morning they will open my tummy up a little bit, insert a camera and look and see if they can figure out what the heck hurts so bad.

The baby is fine, and other than being stabbed in the stomach all the time I'm fine. I just figure it never hurts to ask for prayers for me and the baby. Here's hoping that I wake up in the morning and everything is suddenly fine, and everything is great.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why do anything half way?

For the past couple of weeks I've been having "sinus fun". I called into my OB's office and was told I could take Benedryl or Claritin to clear up my allergies. No big deal. We go out, get the drugs, I take the drugs, I feel the same. Normally, when "allergy" time hits I get the GOOD drugs - the make it to where no matter what's wrong with you, you don't feel it stuff. The stuff with - SEVERE at the end that has so much medicine in it you HAVE to feel better. Well, the good drugs and pregnancy aren't allowed. I figured I'd just deal with the allergy stuff, and all the fun that goes along with it.

Monday I woke up, and it looked and felt like my left tonsil had decided it was pregnant too. Except it was all hurty and crap. It's just part of the whole allergy deal with me, so I just kinda did the "it'll go away" thing. Yesterday it was really painful (now come on people, you know about my back, I felt the stupid tonsil even with the back pain, and with the medicines for the back pain, it HURT.) My left ear also decided it wanted in on the "make Tammy miserable" game day - so it chimed in. After a week of crappy sleep - I blamed the baby for the hot and cold flashes, they said it's a pregnancy thing - then the whole can't lay this way it hurts the ear/throat/head/body thing, not being able to breathe through my nose which dried out my throat which made it hurt worse, I was miserable yesterday.

I've decided that they are right when they say no one does bitchy/whiny/miserable/complaining/pathetic like a pregnant woman. I've been sick before - but I broke down over it yesterday... BIG time.

I called my OB who said that I need to see if they can fit me in as an appointment today, or go in as a walk-in. No appointments open so I walked in - which wasn't that bad to be honest.

The tech took my blood pressure - great she said. She then took my temperature - not great she says - 101.9 - I think her words were "that's bad, how long have you been running a fever?" I told her I didn't know, we don't have a thermometer, but probably a few days based on the chills. I was then ordered to get a thermometer because fevers and baby's aren't allowed.

Since I had a temperature and a sore throat she took a swab to run the quick strep throat test. Which hurt I might add. Nothing like saying hey, my throat is killing me, it's so raw I'm getting bits of blood in my phlem why not take a swab and hack it to pieces.

The doctor comes in feels my throat - another "not good". Listens to my chest, heart, and breathing - I felt like I deserved a cookie because that was a "sounds good". She bangs my face (yes, ask Kelley a doctor told him that's the technical term for it) - does this hurt? "yeah, can we stop now?" How about here? "If I say no can we stop hurting me?" Doctor talks about how I'm feeling - "Like someone just took a hammer to my forehead." (Doctor found my I'm irritated and in pain sarcasm very funny). She then looks at my ears - one ear good, one ear not as bad as it could have been. Then my throat, doctor points out I wasn't joking when I said my left tonsil was pretty inflamed. (You think?).

We then talk more about my symptoms and just to be on the safe side she decides to run a quick flu test. Now - let me tell you - this flu test sounds easy enough, they swab your nose. What they don't tell you is that they are sending a swab in places in your nose that aren't supposed to be reached. I still don't think my nose has forgiven me for allowing her to violate it that way.

The diagnosis when all is said and done? I do sick GOOD. Strep throat, sinusitis, tonsilitis, and a mild "just starting" ear infection. The good news? It's nothing that good ole penicillin won't cure. The bad news? I'm contagious for 48 hours, so no kissy kissy with Kelley. I'm also freaking miserable, but I did have an excuse to go out and buy popcicles.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby window-shopping

Well, Saturday while Kelley and were up in Phoenix I decided to force him into Babies-R-Us to look at baby stuff. The main reason was that I've been doing a lot of looking online at baby stuff, checking safety ratings and the like, I wanted to actually see some of the stuff that I was looking at.

Another main thing was that I wanted to make sure that Kelley and I were on the same page with some of the things.

One of the things I wanted his opinion on was a baby bath-tub. They make all sorts of styles and such. One style fits around/into the sink, but it doesn't last that long, and is more for the newborn age only. They also have ones that are just a sling thing that holds the baby above the water. I've read lots of reviews saying that baby freezes to death because they aren't in any water at all. We both agreed we want with support, but we also want one that allows the baby to sit in the water.

Another thing is car seats - you would not believe all the car seats out there. They make car seats that are for newborns only. Then they make car seats for 3-6 month olds, then for toddlers, and stuff. You end up buying a car seat for each stage of your babies life. What I want originally is one of the strollers that come with the detachable baby carriers. The thing is they make them now where you can move the carrier from the stroller to the car, and use it as a car seat. They also fit perfectly sitting in cart at the grocery stores. Most of the carriers have great ratings as car seats, and work really well for newborns. As long as the baby fits comfortably it will work. THEN I want to get one of the car seats that hold newborns, have a piece that fits them a little older, then the toddler phase, and they also have the booster seat for until they can sit without it.

We looked at nursery furniture as well - looking at color and type and stuff. We both agreed we don't want dark furniture or ultra light furniture. We think kind of the natural medium finishes. We looked at crib bedding as well and saw one that we liked and may think about.

It was sort of great seeing baby furniture and things, and actually being pregnant, not sitting there and wondering when/if you'll ever be able to get any of it, for yourself.

Happy Mommy Day! (To me) May 10, 2009

I have to say that it's quite surprising when your hubby pleasantly surprises you.

Friday Tazz (our kitten) got his manlyhoodness de-man-ified. One the way home Kelley needed to stop and pick up some stuff. One of the stops was at Fry's Marketplace where he wanted to pick up some orange juice and vodka - I stayed in the car with the animals. Kelley surprised me with flowers - for mothers day. I was so very very proud of him for realizing this was a mothers day for me. (Think score - major brownie points for the hubby.)

I had even thought awhile ago how this was going to be Kelley's first "Father's Day". Then it occurred to me that it would be mean of me to do anything for him for Father's Day if he didn't think of Mother's Day. Kelley saved me that dilemma.

Then, yesterday, Mother's Day, Kelley made me breakfast in bed, and kept the dogs from bugging me to death so I could sleep in. He also told me "Happy Mother's Day" quite a few times. Kelley was great, and let me get away with whining for a burger king original chicken sandwich - and he got me the sandwich!

I do believe I got our pastor at church, Sammy, in big trouble with his wife. His wife, Marylin, wished me happy mothers day, and I told her about Kelley's breakfast. Then it got to the whole "it's Kelley's first mother's day and he's got the idea, he should be giving out pointers". Wasn't the only one to mention something along those lines.

So, points, and score, for hubby! Not only is he the best husband in the world, but he's already getting the hang of the whole me being a mom thing.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OMG, I look pregnant! May 5, 2009

Everyone I have talked to talks about how they started "showing" their pregnancy at different times. For some people it was at the six week point, yet with others you couldn't tell they were pregnant until they hit their seventh month.

When I was in Virginia hanging out with family I started having "showing" moments. Really, just moments. One minute I would look like normal Tammy, the next minute there would be a cantaloupe sitting in my tummy. All of my pregnancy books say this is "perfectly normal". Pretty much they said it was bean rearranging furniture in my tummy making him/herself comfortable in there. I guess when you start shoving organs this way and that way food has to learn to go down a little bit differently, and when it's got a couch shoved up against it here or there it takes a little longer to go down.

Then came Saturday. I woke up looking pregnant. Not mildly "oh there's a bump" but wow, she should lay off the Ben and Jerry's. I figured it would disappear, like it had been. Nope - Sunday was more of the same thing. Monday came and I've decided that the bean I'm growing has apparently turned into a watermelon or prize winning pumpkin at the fair. Today, Friday, still got the tummy. Sooo it appears that I am one of the women who's kids decide to show off sooner rather than later. AHH and clothes don't stay on well if you can't button/zipper them, or heck, they just don't go over the bump!

(okay this is not a maternity dress or anything so yeah, it's a little tight, but it fits for now)

I'm not sure how many of you reading this have been pregnant - or dealt with someone who has been pregnant (or is - sorry honey for all the evil you have to look forward too); BUT logic and hormones mix about as well as oil and water. Yup, we have waited eight years for me to have the whole preggo belly - but try explaining that to a woman who's had a bad day, who's back hurts like hell, is on bed rest, and is hormonal. So, yes, "looking like a cow" and pregnancy don't mix very well.

It started as "OMG I look like a cow" then turned into "no, I look like the monster that ate the herd of cows". Lets just say I broke down just a little bit. I think the hardest thing was knowing that I spent the past 15 years of my life attempting to lose weight, trying desperately to lose weight, and now I'm "supposed" to be happy that I'm bigger than the Goodyear Blimp. Forgive me, but at the time, it just didn't happen. Yup - I had finally gotten to a weight I was comfortable at, a look I was comfortable with, and suddenly the great pumpkin has decided to take up lodging in my stomach.

still me

Realistically, yes, I knew it was the baby. Have you ever tried explaining ~realistic~ to a pregnant hormonal woman? Add in emotions, a mirror, a rough day, and yeah, you get the picture. Realistic/Logical and pregnant are words that really shouldn't be used in the same sentance.

Today, on the other hand, and most days since, I've been thrilled to look pregnant. It means bean is in there moving around, getting the house organized the way he/she wants it. Setting up shot for the long haul. It means I'm pregnant - and thank God, it looks like I'm staying that way until bean gets tired of looking at the same scenerey.

Thank goodness for mommies thinking well ahead of time! When mom was here in March she bought me a maternity dress that was on clearance, I haven't tried that on yet... BUT she bought me a pair of tan maternity shorts - I didn't think I'd need them for say six more months...

Other good things about the preggo belly? Well, duh, I'm pregnant. (Yay! Happy dance here.) Also, it's like having your own personal TV tray everywhere that you go. I just sit down and BAM! (Said in my best Emeril voice.) It's a portable dining room table. PLUS - now we can play chess on the go. I'm pretty sure a chess board would sit up there quite nicely.

(okay, again, not a maternity shirt, just one that fit, no comments on falling out the top - big boobage is another pregnancy side effect, I bet guys just HATE that)

Seriously, though, Today I'm stoked. Today I'm thinking "kid is making himself comfy". Today I'm thinking "I'm pregnant". Right now there is this little person inside of me that is part Kelley, part me. There is a little person (even if they look more like an alien life form) inside of me that is a living, breathing, being with a heart beat, a brain, blood flowing through their system. There is a little person in there that will one day enter this world, and cry, and drive Kelley and I crazy. A little person in there that is already thinking, is already feeling. There is a little person in there that will need diapers changed, and bottles fed, books read to him, baths, school, rides, a drivers license, a cap and gown, the whole deal.

How do you not wake up each morning and go to bed at night not thanking God for a miracle like that? Today, I look pregnant. Today, I am pregnant. Today I'm still married to the most wonderful man I've ever known. Tomorrow is the first day of my second trimester. How does life get beter than this?

ALSO - if anyone has any size Large maternity clothes hanging around... I could use them. I think that's also size 12/14ish.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Attempting the impossible...

So, Kelley and I have decided that yes, we are going to have a "nursery". The problem is the room we plan to use as the nursery is, well, a disaster area. Seriously, I'm sure if the government saw it we would qualify for federal disaster relief money.

I believe in miracles!

I'm just over three months pregnant, which means we have about six months to make miracles happen. By "We", I mean Kelley. Seeing as how right now I'm not allowed to do anything. Plus, the six months is only the "estimated due date" bean could decide to show up whenever the heck he wants.

Yeah, I know we are dreaming

SO - this is the "before" picture. I plan on putting up progress pictures as we go along. There will be a lot more put up here I'm sure once we actually start getting things, and we know whether we have "snakes and snails" or "sugar and spice" coming.

Wish us luck, I have no clue where we are going to start.

Friday, May 1, 2009

12w6d Ultrasound

No, we didn't find out if it was a boy or a girl, it's still too early for that.

The reason for this ultrasound was to do a NT Test or Nuchal Translucency Test - The test is done to check your risk of Downs Syndrome, something called Trisomy 13, and something called Trisomy 18. Woo hoo - and no I'm not making this up - I literally just got the phone call from Obstetrix (my high risk OB office, who did the test) and I scored an A++. Based on my age my chances of delivering a baby with Downs Syndrome is 1 in 210, based on the test my chances are less than 1 in 10,000. Based on my age the chances of having a baby with Trisomy 13 or 18 was 1 in 510, based on the test the chances are now less than 1 in 10,000. YAY!


The best thing about this ultrasound was that Kelley was there. He got to see the baby for the first time, and see and hear the heart beat. I didn't really get to "see" the baby for the 6 week ultrasound that they did, but I got to see a heart beat and that there was something there. I can't tell you how cool it is to be able to look up at a screen and see a life that is growing inside of you, just the difference 6 weeks has made is incredible.


It was also amazing being there getting to see Kelley seeing the baby. It was hard for me to choose what to watch, Kelley's face, or the baby on the screen. The ultrasound tech was also trying to get the best picture for the NT Test, so he pounded on the baby a little bit by bumping my tummy with the ultrasound thing, and we got to see the baby move in reaction, that was also way cool.


Our bean now actually kinda looks like a person - or at least he doesn't look like a blob anymore. Sort of looks like one of those drawings they show of what aliens should look like - big, huge heads, and tiny little bodies. We could see arms and legs, which was way cool. Got to see the arms move (I think he was flipping off the tech for waking him up), and see him switch positions.

(Yes I am aware I'm referring to our baby as a "him". We don't know the sex of the baby yet, but I have a feeling baby will be a boy, and I just don't like calling bean "it".)

So here are the pictures that were taken.