Monday, December 2, 2013

Elfey is a Seahawks fan!

Nothing should surprise me anymore right?  

Teensy tiny notes with itty bitty footprints, I was okay with that.
A letter direct from Santa Claus to Kaitlyn before Thanksgiving? That did happen.
Mysterious gifts being found on my daughter's bed, I guess that's normal too.

Today, I find out that Santa is a Seahawks fan.  I guess I always figured there was a North Pole football league or something.  Then, if he had to pick a sports team, Santa picks the Seahawks?  I guess that's just how it is though.

When I woke up this morning there was paper all over the couch.  Turns out, Elfey is not so great with, "Cutting, scissors, or tape." I mean the scissors are bigger than Elfey, I can see why that would be a problem.

To get to the point... we have a Seahawks shrine now... that's all I can think to call it.  Elfey is wearing a game day jersey, and has posted all sorts of pictures of Seahawks up there.  She's got her pennants, her 12th Man posters, flags, you name it.  

Elfey also left a note asking Kaitlyn to please make sure to turn on the football game at 5:40pm tonight, since Elfey can't move when we are around. 

Well, now we have it, straight from the Elf's note -"The Seahawks are Santa's favorite team in the NFL."

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