Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another tiny note.

Well, Kaitlyn did REALLY well today.  I was very impressed with how much better behaved she was.

We went into her bedroom to get her PJ's.  I asked Kaitlyn if she had been coloring on her bed.  Again she said no.  We walked over to her bed to find yet another miniscule note.  This one said, "Kaitlyn, It's very busy this time of year.  I won't be able to sneak a visit again, Keep up the good work, keep being good, and he'll let me be your very own special friend." There were tiny glittery holly leaves on it also.

Now, on top of the crazy note this note came with a delivery owl.  An adorable white snow owl.

Who does this type of thing?

We thought maybe it was the owl but owls don't wear shoes, and their feet are totally the wrong shape.  I told her maybe it was Tinkerbell, but then we figured Tinkerbell wouldn't be walking, she'd fly.

Curiouser and curiouser. 

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