Monday, November 18, 2013

Sneaky visitor

Today has been a very interesting day. 

Kaitlyn has been a terror.  Just not wanting to cooperate with anything.  She'd say she wanted milk, I pour her some milk.  She wanted her milk in a sippy cup.  I pour her milk in a sippy cup and she wanted chocolate milk.  So, chocolate milk in a sippy cup, then comes the epic, "But I wanted to stir it!".  That was just the first argument of the night.

We are getting ready to bed.  I walked into Squishes room to get her jammies.  I look over and swear that she had wrote on her window sill.  I call Kaitlyn in, ask her what she drew on her windowsill.  Kaitlyn says she didn't do anything, so we investigate.

What I thought was coloring on her windowsill turned out to be teensy tiny footprints.  I can't imagine what would leave footprints that small.  We followed the trail of footprints and they end at a itty bitty scroll.  (Seriously?  Who uses scrolls now days?)  We open up the scroll and there is a miniscule message inside.  "Kaitlyn, Please be good or I won't be allowed to come meet you."

Very curious indeed. 

We have no idea at all where this could have come from. 

We thought maybe one of her stuffed toys had done it.  Kaitlyn very forcefully reminded me that her stuffed Kitty "Sparkles" does NOT wear shoes.  My next guess was a horse, they wear shoes.  "Mommy, horses are tooooo big these are tiny foot prints."  We also discussed our cat Tazz, he's a trouble maker, but she's right he does not wear shoes.  We discussed maybe her little people toys, but again, no shoes. 

I have decided that if I ever get to have a conversation with the note leaver I am going to specify nothing exciting that close to bedtime.  After we got her calmed down she informed us that she was going to lay really still, keep her eyes closed and when she felt her visitor visiting she was going to catch him and bring him to me.

Any idea's who would leave tiny cryptic messages on a child's bed?  Not to mention we were in the house the whole time, the footprints led from the windowsill and the window was locked.  They must have magic or something to go through a locked window.

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